My Year Ended With a Bang

If you paid attention to the Belk Bowl, you know that Nick Chubb set some pretty amazing records. 
Well, I’m not a football player, but the last week of 2014, especially the last day, set some pretty amazing records for me as an Amazon author. 
All my life I’ve been writing something. And until 2006, I kept most of my writing to myself, except for some letters people loved to read. 
So, this year, I decided to quit hiding. 
In April, I published my first Kindle book. And since then, it’s been getting better and better. I had no idea what to expect, and what follows really surprised me.
December 26: I hit my highest rank as a Kindle business author – #182.
Christmas Eve: 
A new one day sales record – 29 copies in one day. (This beat the previous one by 7!) 
A new one day single book sales record: 18 copies of How to Lead Unwilling Followers
The highest ranking ever for a single book in the Kindle store: #8755 for How to Lead Unwilling Followers.
And now for the grand total of copies sold and downloaded, free and paid, for the entire year: 
This news is better than any buzz the best beer on Earth could give me. 
So, now it’s time to up the ante
This year, 2015, I plan to expand my reach by becoming an online instructor.  I’ve already been teaching others through my writing, so this seems like a natural step ahead in my journey. 
I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. 
I’m also going to approach my blog a bit differently this year. I’m not exactly sure how that will look, but I think it will mean shorter and probably more frequent posts. There will be some leadership stuff, and some more personal posts. 
Now Go After Your Dreams
You’re not here by accident. 
There is something you’re good at. You’ve been given a talent. It provides the potential to enrich you when you use it to enrich others. 
So you can’t be selfish with it if you want it to bloom. 
You’ve got to get that talent out in the sun, where it can be seen. And when it’s outside, it can blossom and grow. 
But it won’t be all roses. 
Some people will think your talent is ugly. They wouldn’t have it in their garden. In fact, they might just throw it out with the trash if it showed up on their doorsteps. 
That’s not who your talent is for. 
You aren’t here to please everyone. 
And just as some might think your talent is no good, there will be others who think you’re the greatest thing that ever came into their lives. To them, your talent has real value and significance. 
So do your work for them. Look for them. Sharpen your sword for them. They’ll benefit and grow in their admiration for you. 
And you’ll grow, too. 
You’ll be amazed at how fulfilling the use of your talents can really be. And there is a pretty good chance that with the right application, your talent can provide you the life you’ve been dreaming of. 
Make 2015 the year you chased your passion. Make 2015 the year you gave the best of you to help others reach their own personal best. Then 2015 will be one of the best years of your life. 
And isn’t that what you’re here for? 

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