No More Curse

Revelation 22:3 pictures a land where there is no burden like we bear in this world.

For those of you who like to work in the garden, there won’t be any thorns to rip your flesh. You won’t have any weeds to pull from between the flowers. When you plant there, no fruit will emerge rotten, too small, or too tasteless.
When you work with others, there won’t be any difficult feelings to deal with like jealousy, greed, anger, or sadness. There won’t be competition for anything because you’ll have all you need.
Now if you’re into competition, on this side of heaven, that’s not all bad. In fact, it’s a picture of what yearning after God is like. You can’t expect to grow in your walk with Christ if you don’t exercise the disciplines of the faith like prayer, reading Scripture, and being involved in a church. You have to fight discouragement, negative influences from others, and circumstances that would try to define your life apart from Christ. So you have to fight to get your heart to believe that what God says about you is really the truth. There are a host of voices competing with that and they are right in front of you.
And no, they won’t be there in heaven either.
Heaven is definitely something to look forward to. All that hinders your walk with God, your fellowship with Him, God will remove forever, never to resurface.
The question you’re probably asking is, “What about now?”
As a Christian, we yearn for that new city. This is what Romans 8 refers to. The truth is we already have what we need in Christ. But that is the key, in Christ. It is Christ that has set us free (John 8:36).
But sometimes we don’t feel free.
We feel that because there are hindering circumstances, temptations, and frustrations. The truth that sets you free as a Christian is that circumstances, frustrations, and other people’s opinions don’t define us anymore. God does. He says you’re free. He says you’re a child of the King, a joint heir with Christ, and Jesus’ sibling.
Now how does that rotten day look?
There will be better times ahead, Christian; I guarantee it. But they can be better now too. Will you make the choice to believe that based on the Bible says about who you are?
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