Nothing Solves Problems Like This Does

There’s an undeniable fact that is inescapable in the business world. No matter how hard you try, regardless of how many systems you have in place, and in spite of how many things you measure, you can be sure of just one thing.

You’re gonna have problems.

Close your eyes, cover your ears and sing “La la la” all you want. Ignored difficulties won’t turn and run. Like statues in the park, they will still be there when you come back from your happy place. When you see a roach cross your path, saying “Ew, gross” just won’t kill it.

What distinguishes leaders at the production level is that they understand that production can solve many workplace problems.

Lets take a deeper look at this.

Are you running behind on a big, important project? Then get moving. If there’s something you’re waiting on, do the things you can right now. Chances are you’ll find the answers while you’re working. And check in with the ones you’re waiting for on a regular basis. You’ll either encourage them to give your project more attention because they see you care, or get them moving to get you off their backs.

Either way, you are focused on accomplishment.

Activity is the fuel that drives any project to completion. Production requires that you mind your time just like you would your retirement savings. Are you earning a good return on the time you invest each day?

If there is something in your day that isn’t moving you or your team toward achieving your goals, drop it. Take a look at your day periodically. Can you do an essential activity better? Then do it.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls. When that happens, you have to either catch the ball or run after it to stay in the game. You can’t do either by standing there with your jaw dropping. The best thing you can do is try your best to find the why behind what happened. Maybe then the best solution will arise from the cloud of dust.

To be a leader who produces, tackle problems with decisive action. Stay focused on results and let that steer your choices.

Just don’t stand still. The way to growth is to act, risk failure, and make adjustments. The words of a Japanese proverb sum it up: Fall seven times. Get up eight.

Now go produce.

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