Our Missing Purpose

Ecclesiastes 1:4-8 goes into detail about how God has laid in place the processes that bring us days and nights, summers and winters, and rivers that lead into the ocean.

Nature is majestic. It shows us there is a Creator who made everything for us to enjoy. (Romans 1:19-20). This passage also reveals that since things are the same and run in cycles we get bored with them.
If you’ve worked in the same job doing the same thing for years and years, you know what I mean. It also works at home when we see the ones we love so much we take them for granted. Then our relationships get stale and may disintegrate. At work we grow stiff and don’t grow anymore.
It all just seems like so much smoke.
We were made to worship. Just look at the picture of a brightly colored sunset. Attend a play where you are so led to believe the players are the characters that you’re moved to joy and tears. Go to any college town on a Saturday in Autumn and witness the celebration that revolves around an oval shaped piece of leather filled with air that gets tossed around in the local arena. Visit the family of a newborn baby just after its arrival home and see a roomful of smiles.
What you’ll witness is the many reasons God gives us to revel in His goodness.
Where do we fail then?
We fail when we look to any event as a reason to find our joy. Well, you know how it goes. Sunsets are momentary at best. Babies get older. Plays come to an end. Football season only lasts a few months a year. Where does that leave you when the event is over and the tank of euphoria runs dry? How will you refill your joy bucket once more?
If you’re a follower of Jesus, you have a reason to find joy all year long, day or night, summer or winter. Jesus is here. He’s here with you. Life may be tough, but He’s there in the desert with you. When you scale the mountaintop, He’s right by your side. Truly the Psalmist was right when he said there was nowhere you can run from God. (Psalm 139)
Take Paul’s advice in 1 Corinthians10:31. Do everything for God’s glory. Then your joy will be full.
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