Practicing Accountability

Personal growth is hard.

From the day we arrive on earth, people place expectations on us. If we’re fortunate enough to be born into a loving home, your parents will expect you to grow into a fine, responsible, knowledgeable adult.
When you learn to walk and talk, your parents will hold your feet to the fire. They’ll make you practice day after day. It might be frustrating for you at times, but in the end it works out for your good. And it will advance you toward the goal of becoming a well functioning adult.
Could you imagine what your life would be like if your mother and father didn’t care about those things?
If you want to grow once you leave the nest, you have to take some responsibility. You’ll have to weather some pain and discomfort. You might buck against the difficulty, but you’ll only stunt your own growth. In times of pain, you have to ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the price to become better?”  If the answer is “No”, then the question becomes, “Is this what I really want?”
There are times though when you have to slug through pain to become better. If it’s really hard, then enlist someone to help. You’ll probably find someone in your circles that will invest time and energy to help you become better. If it’s kicking a habit like smoking, find someone who doesn’t smoke to help you; otherwise, they won’t have the motivation to see you through. Even better, find a former smoker. When it comes to work improvement, find a peer if the improvement isn’t of a competitive nature. Otherwise, enlist a superior to motivate you and provide support. It may be their job anyway. But if you ask them straight out to help, they’ll probably be glad to.
As with any road, there will be bumps and potholes along the way. You can go around them, through them, or turn a different direction. The choice depends on the circumstance, or on how big the pothole is. It’s crucial to be brutally honest with yourself and your associates here. Otherwise you’ll miss a great opportunity to make the utmost of the challenge.
Yes, personal growth is hard. But afterward it can be extremely rewarding, especially if you paid dearly for it. 
Do these things and you’ll make the most of life’s challenges. 
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