Praying for Boston

Monday afternoon I was minding my own business and logged into Facebook. Status after status contained the words, “Praying for Boston”.

At the time I had no idea what had happened.

The Boston Marathon has been run every year since 1897. It started with just 18 runners in the first race. This year’s attracted some 27,000 participants. Half a million people come just to watch, making it the most popular event in all of New England.

In a matter of seconds, what was just another race turned to tragedy.

We crave security and safety. When something comes along and throws your whole life out of balance, you open yourself up to choices you might not make with a clearer head. You might sacrifice some freedom just to feel safe.

The problem is that there is no guarantee of safety in this world.

No one can protect you from all every danger. A driver could dart out in front of you without warning and your only option is to broadside him. A routine exam may reveal that you have an aggressive form of cancer and there is no remedy. You could be assaulted on your way to your car after work.

One of the most common questions people ask now is, “How could God let this happen?” Anyone who tells you he knows is lying. We can’t possibly know. But we can suppose that the whole affair could have been much worse. We can take hope in the helping hands that were offered in the aftermath. Who knows how God plans to use this for good in the lives of many of those who are suffering right now?

I heard one mother on the radio this morning describing how she talked about the Boston bombing with her kids. She said that it’s easy to see the evil. If you didn’t, the news anchors will remind you as long as you leave the TV on. What she told her kids was to look at the many people who helped the hurting. This comes naturally to those who love Jesus. Even those who don’t are created in God’s image and have some love for other people.

Pray for Boston. Pray God heals the broken in heart and body. Ask Him to guide our leaders to respond to this in the best way.

Then remember that real safety comes in knowing Jesus.

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