Protect Yourself

Revelation 16:15-16 starts with a parenthetical statement telling us Jesus will come when we least expect it.

And it doesn’t matter that the whole world is gathered together against Him.
Today’s culture is spiritual. What that means is something different to everyone. It’s a cafeteria-style spirituality where you choose what you feel good about and ignore the others.
That might work in a restaurant but not in the soul.
Lies can sound pretty good, though. Chocolate for breakfast will make you happy and give you a physical and psychological boost. But it might add a few pounds a week to your physique over time. If you ignore the ugly part, it won’t affect you, right? You could compensate by not eating as much cereal with the chocolate so the calorie count won’t be increased.
As silly as that seems, it represents the reality that we all write a life code in response to what we’ve experienced. It takes discipline to introduce objective truth into the process. Without that, you might just assume you’re right without further analysis.
Jesus says He’s coming. You can count on that. He’s also said He won’t tell you when He’s coming. So be ready.
Getting ready involves introducing truth into your code.
You should regularly question your beliefs and practices in light of Scripture. Does what you do agree with what God is telling you? Be honest. Don’t rationalize. It won’t work with Him and it won’t serve you well either. Be bold enough to honestly say you’re wrong if you are. Then you’ll see the light that eluded you through your cloudy vision.
That is sanctification. It’s how God refines you to be more like Jesus and less like the sinner you were. It’s stripping away pretense, false reasoning, and the deception of powerful influencers in your life.
Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re free of deception. It does mean you have some powerful weapons against it. You have the Bible, which is the best truth resource on the planet. You have the Holy Spirit who teaches you how to apply truth in your life. You have the power of prayer where God meets you when you’re most tempted to disbelief or challenged to stand for truth in a hostile situation.
Jesus is ready for a hostile world. He can make you ready too. Will you walk with Him?
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