Rain can be depressing. If you’re the outdoorsy type and it’s raining, chances are you’ll feel like nature has locked the doors of your house and robbed you of any chance to have fun.

If you’re an introvert and being inside is your sanctuary, rain makes you happy. Rain is a great opportunity to read, write, or take a regenerative nap.

If you have to work outside, rain means your clothes will turn into heavy burdens that will restrict your movements. But you won’t turn into a statue. It will be more like trying to move around in a pool of quicksand. The good news is you won’t ever sink in it, but that is little comfort for a soggy mess like you.

Maybe you could be like the free spirit who views rain as an opportunity to shower with your clothes on.

Even in rain, there is a sunny side.

If I weren’t for rain, everything would be dead. Every landscape would be brown and crusty. Every time the wind blows, you’d find yourself in a dust storm. Eventually all the rivers and lakes would dry up, and the boat dealers would be out of business. Street drains would clog up with the trash people throw down them. Gardeners would have to find a new hobby, like woodcarving or painting.

If there was no rain, all landscape paintings would be burnt umber in color. The paintings of the past would be pictures of the “good old days”.

Some of us would have to revive the art of Indian rain dancing.

Fortunately, we’ll never have to worry about that. It’s going to rain today where I live.

At least I won’t have to work in it. I’ll be inside doing my introverted stuff and having introverted bliss.

Like writing this.

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