Remember This and Have a Great 2013

The beginning of a new year can be as exciting as it is depressing.

Since bad news hurts more, lets go ahead and lance the boil so it can heal.

The advent of a new year causes many of us to reflect on the previous one. This can bring joy as well as sorrow.

We feel joy when we’ve met all our goals. Success has a way of boosting our spirits. It can make us feel invincible, that we can conquer the world, move all our mountains, and slay all our Goliaths. Success can be the fuel that feeds the hope that this year will be even better than last year.

If you dig deeper, you’ll have to acknowledge that in a time as long as a year, you had some failures. Maybe they weren’t big ones. But even small failures can burst the bubble of self- importance we find ourselves in when success has smiled on us.

The truth is we don’t learn a lot from success.

When things are great, we don’t look at the rough edges. In fact, we can come to believe that success has filed them all off, like an edger smooths the unruly blades of grass that brush your driveway. But since we live in a broken world full of broken folks, we have to realize that we are no exception to that rule.

The reason failure teaches us so much is because there is no doubt we need to learn something. If you don’t want to keep being a failure, you know you can’t do the same thing next time and expect a different outcome. It’s obvious that if you plant green beans and expect tomatoes, you’ll get failure every time.

So next year you plant what you want.

It’s a new year. A new beginning. A fresh start.

It’s not insignificant that the new year follows Christmas so closely. At Christmas, we are challenged to discover what’s really important in life. What do you hope for in a world filled with so many expectations you can’t possibly live up to? Where’s your identity? Is it in the successes and failures of your life? When you die, what will give you hope then?

Real hope for every year isn’t found in beliefs, dreams, or accomplishments. It’s found in a Person. It’s knowing that Person loves you as you are, where you are. It’s knowing all is right with the universe because this Person is your Friend and your Brother. And best of all, He’ll never be mad at you or disappointed with you.

This person is Jesus. That helpless babe Who is God Incarnate. He lived the life you couldn’t, died so you wouldn’t, and rose so you would too.

Remember that and have a Happy New Year!

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