Rest is Ahead

There is a place for the Christian where he will find the rest he longs for so deeply.

But we’re not there yet.
I don’t want to be negative today. I’ve already told you that the world isn’t perfect. In fact, that didn’t surprise you at all. If you’re old enough to read, you’ve known heartache and trouble.
So what is about Heaven that can make life now easier to bear?
First, we know the shackles of this life are temporary.
Do you struggle with the same temptation again and again? If you do, take heart. Paul had a thorn in the flesh. We don’t know what it was but it could well have been a recurring temptation he struggled with. He went to great length in Romans 7:7-24 to tell us about how he wanted to obey God in his heart but he found that often he did the exact opposite.
What about people who make you angry? Are some of those people the ones you go to church with? Ah, that makes this struggle to love all the harder.
Let’s just pray they find more joy in their Savior while they’re here!
When death takes a loved one, isn’t your sadness almost impossible to bear? Paul Tripp said we should be sad when that happens because as Christians we know the ravages that sin has brought to this world. It keeps people blind to their need for Jesus and even takes away their lives in that condition. That’s tragic. Sin gives people cancer. Sin brings car accidents, floods, hurricanes, and every other evil thing you can imagine.
One note here on the previous paragraph. Just because you get cancer or have a car wreck doesn’t mean there is a direct correlation between the tragedy and your sin. But it might. Chances are, if you know God, you’ll know. Either way, if you’re His, He’s not mad at you.
When we get Home sin can hurt us anymore.
Second, none of the things we’ve mentioned will take away your citizenship in Heaven. Once God adopts you, He doesn’t change His mind if you’re bad one day. No amount of bad circumstances will cancel your citizenship either.
Here’s a way to find Heaven’s rest now. Begin to understand how deeply, completely, and unconditionally God loves you.
Then you will rest easy on your way Home.
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