She Lit Up Every Room She Entered


I wish you could have met my Aunt Miriam.
Today we joined together as a family once again to tell her goodbye.
It was a beautiful service. I was there with seven other pallbearers to take her to her final resting place. The sanctuary was filled with family members and a host of friends. 
The pastors shared with us what a wonderful woman she was. I knew she loved to travel, but I had no idea she’d been just about everywhere. She and her husband Tom regularly saved their money to travel – and as someone said, “Miriam valued experience over just hearing about things.” 
Her daughter Karen taught me what a wise and industrious woman Miriam was. I had no idea she was so gifted in the garden. But then as a kid, I was there to visit Krista and swim in their pool. I do remember her yard being perfectly manicured, so not all of her legacy of outdoor excellence was lost on me. 
Her daughter Krista shared how she was able to make Miriam laugh on one of their many trips. It was there she must have found her destiny. The sound of Miriam’s laughter was not only sweet to Krista – it has made her a fine comedienne to thousands of people who’ve seen her perform. 
And all that singing they did over the years has formed some beautiful singing voices. We were blessed to hear the enchanting sound of them today as we honored Miriam.
I didn’t know Miriam played piano at church. But given her love of the hymns, I’m not surprised at all. There’s no doubt she loved her family, whether at home or at church. I always felt loved whenever she was around, even though I was just a nephew. 
So I knew that when Tom asked me to be a pallbearer, the only answer I could give was “it would be my pleasure.”
Though Miriam left us just a few days ago, Alzheimer’s took the Miriam we all knew and loved a few years back. Now she is no longer shackled. She is free. She is rejoicing. And she is in the presence of her Heavenly Father. And no matter how much sadness any of us feel, we know that it is well with Miriam’s soul.
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