Should You Drink That Dirty Water?

We see something in Revelation 16:4-6 that takes us back to the plague of the bloody Nile River in Egypt.

Water is pretty important to humans. If you drink tea, lemonade, coffee, or most anything else, you can bet there’s water involved. If you make orange juice from concentrate, you have to add water. The power of water in making a drink is that you can control the intensity of the flavor by how much or how little water you add.
Water is nice to have in buildings too. A water main broke in my workplace over the weekend and I had to rearrange my morning trip to the bathroom to occur somewhere else. If I had meal plans, I’d have to shelve washing dishes until water was running again.
If you work hard on a hot day, it’s wonderful to be able to go into the shower and wash all that sweat and dirt off your tired body.
That’s why the bloody Nile was so devastating. So long as it was contaminated, no one could wash himself or herself or anything else. They had nothing to drink unless there was wine in the house. You might be able to go without food for forty days, but it’s not healthy to give up water for near that long.
The illustration here is that water is something we depend on to sustain life.
Beliefs are like water. When you adopt an idea as truth, and earnestly believe it, you start living in light of it. You may as well say you’re writing your life story based on what you hold dear.
If what you believe is wrong, it’s like drinking water from a bloody river.
So how do you find out if your beliefs are based on truth or not?
If you can honestly and regularly assess your actions and get to the reasons why you do what you do, you’re a long way down the road away from the bloody river.
If you’re a Christian, the Bible is your guide when examining yourself. If you open its pages and take time to think about what it says, you’ll find it teaching you. And if you listen, you’ll find it changing you.
If you’re not a Christian, give it a try. It might just change your life.
Then you’ll really live well.
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