Should You Listen to Your Heart?

If you do a quick Google Search to find out if you should listen to your heart, you’d probably find plenty of material that would tell you it’s okay.

America was founded on the principle of rugged individualism. It was practical because the first of us came to a land that was uncultivated. You couldn’t run to the store if you were low on milk. You had to find a cow or buy milk from someone who had a cow. There weren’t houses on every corner to choose from. If you wanted shelter, you’d have to build it.

Over the generations though, life has become considerably easier then our forefathers had it. But at least in some measure, individualism remains. Today it looks more like the sixties version of “do your own thing.” But this idea is really much older than the Age of Aquarius.

You could look at Israel’s history in the time of the Judges, when Scripture clearly says that there was no king and the people did what was right in their own eyes. If you go back even further to the very beginning of human history, our first parents chose to do their own thing to very disastrous consequences. They lost their home. Their work become infinitely harder. Their once pain-free life became pain-riddled.

We all make choices every day. Some are good. Some are stupid. The quality of our decisions rests on where we place our ultimate trust.

Proverbs 3:7-8 gives us some valuable information about where to find True North. Don’t trust your own judgment alone. Fear God and turn from evil.

God is big. He created everything you see. Big storms are called acts of God because God created the weather. The Bible tells us the wicked are in for a really bad experience when they die. But as big and scary as God is, if He loves you, His love is just as strong as His judgment is.

So we know what trembling fear is. Another aspect of fear is deep respect. It comes from knowing that the one you respect has your good in mind and isn’t out to get you. It’s knowing you can trust what he says is true and if you do it, you’ll never be sorry.

You can do your own thing when it leads you to become what God made you to be. So go ahead, make your mark.

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