Staring Fear in the Eye

Imagine being scared to death of snakes and then having to lie in a bathtub full of them for five minutes – that seems like five years.

Chances are you will never be asked to do something that outlandish in real life.

If you’ve watched the show “Fear Factor”, you’ve heard the host tell the eager participants that they will stare fear in the eye and if they overcome it, they get $50,000.

We all face something that may scare us every day. Take traffic, for example. When it’s rush hour, people can lose their minds. Think about it. Is its really rational to allow twenty minutes to make a trip that will take thirty-five in heavy traffic?

That’s when the wrecks happen and the traffic reporters get animated.

You’re probably wondering how all this fits together. Be patient, I have a point.

I’ll get to it now. So if you don’t read past this, you’ll miss the best part!

There are three things you can remember when you deal with everyday fears.

First, it is impossible to know every possible outcome. The lights will never all be green on your way. There is no guarantee that an idiot won’t pull out in front of you and make you slam on your brakes. It may rain, but then again it may not. Whatever happens, you’ve got to get behind the wheel and deal with it.

Second, you can’t let the possibility of a bad outcome keep you from leaving the house.

Okay, maybe you’re not that scared.

Maybe you just tremble a bit when you know you can’t control the rest of the world. That’s okay. Nobody else can either. Not even the police. There will be other drivers that aren’t as with it as you. Or maybe that crazy driver is you. Just do your very best, don’t worry whether its absolutely perfect, and get there without leaving too big a mess.

It’s how the rest of the world does anything.

Third, remind yourself that it probably won’t turn out nearly as bad as you worry it will. Much of what we worry about never happens, does it?

So, go out the door and take on the world. Stare fear in the eye and say, “You’re not the boss of me.”

Then fear won’t be a factor for you.

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