Stay Away From Her

Proverbs 2:16-19 warns against getting involved with an adulteress. But in this age where we are saturated with sexual imagery wherever we turn, this is a hard message to hear.

Our culture tells us that as long as you love or even like someone a lot you ought to be able to sleep with him or her. Besides, nothing will come of it if you decide that person isn’t your type. Just go find another one.

Talk about short-term thinking!

That is what gets us into the most trouble. When you don’t think there’s anything to come of what you did tomorrow, you figure it won’t be a big deal to do it today. By if you do something often enough, the cords of habit are wrapping around you and you don’t even know it until you’re in so deep that you need someone to lower a rope to get you out.

Here’s something you don’t consider when you give your heart away to someone like the woman in Proverbs 2. She may say she loves you more than life itself. She may say she would give anything to have some sweet time with you. But it’s a lie. It’s a bigger whopper than all the hamburgers Burger King could roll together. What she really cares about is herself, her pleasure, and nothing else. And whoever is short-sighted enough to take the bait will find a painful hook in his heart that will leave a big scar when she rips it out.

You can’t trust someone like that. If you’re vulnerable, feel unloved, and without a friend, this person who wants you for your body is definitely not your friend. You might feel good for the night, but the pain that comes in the morning will be worse than the pain you felt before you met her.

Please understand that this “woman” in Proverbs can really be a man or a woman. It’s anyone who would take advantage of another for their own temporary pleasure and when they’re finished, treat him like garbage.

Of course, the imagery is sexual because that is place of great pleasure and pain. When sex is used as God intended, it has no equal. When its used to manipulate others, it’s one of the greatest evils known to man.

Look at your life. You might not be abusing people like an adulteress, but you might be manipulating them in other ways. You motivation in your relationships reveals how you think about other people. Do you see them as God’s creatures? Whether anyone is a follower of God or not, she bears His image. And unless they come out and tell you, you really don’t know.

Treat everyone with grace. That’s what God does. If you’re breathing air, God is being gracious. If you got what you deserved, you’d be dead now. Jesus came so you could be free not only of your past sins, but also to free you to see the future ravages of sinful choices.

Since God gives out grace so liberally to you, do the same for others. You’ll never regret it.

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