Storms are Good

Clear skies make dull sunsets.

I’m a big fan of a sky streaked with pink and purple lines, yellow bursts of sunshine, and puffy clouds running across the expanse. 

The most beautiful sunsets happen after the darkest storms. In fact, the worse the storm and the darker the sky, the more beautiful God’s handiwork is once the rain stops. Rainbows can only be seen when sunshine collides with rain. Even old neighborhoods and dirty cars look better when they’re wet.

Stories without conflict aren’t worth telling. If it never rained, everything green would turn brown and die. If you never face a challenge, you’ll never grow. 

You might be going through physical or emotional pain right now. You may be facing a challenge that you’ll never overcome. Defeat might be staring you in the face and wagging its finger to mock you. But take hope. Your life isn’t over until you draw your last breath. 

Here’s what we can learn from storms. 

1. Life is full of storms. There’s a chance of rain every week. In the city of Atlanta, there are traffic reports around the clock because accidents aren’t confined to business hours. If you talk long enough to anyone, you’ll find something with which you disagree. 

If you don’t experience any hardships, your must be living inside a fortress. 

2. There is immense beauty to behold after the storm is over. When the rain stops and the sun peeks through the remaining clouds, the scene in the sky will take your breath away. The greatest sports victories occur after challenges that test a team’s utmost mettle. Pottery is created after it’s fired in a kiln. 

3. You can’t grow without storms. We are designed for accomplishment. If we do nothing, we get bored. If we aren’t challenged, we wither away. 

See storms for the good thing they are. Sure, they can be scary. You might get hurt. But remember, storms pass. You can rebuild. You can make a new start that sunshine would distract you from. 

Think about that, carry your umbrella, and play outside the next time it rains. 

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