The Best Risk You’ll Ever Take

This year has been busier than any I can remember. 
Of course, I’m getting older, so admittedly my memory could have some fuzzy spots.
Life is full of risks. There’s no guarantee except that there are no guarantees. 
You might embark on a new business venture – and nobody cares. 
You might save money all your life for a rainy day and the first storm wipes it out.
You stay with your employer for 20 years and when business takes a downturn, you’re the first one out the door. 
So how do you keep a positive attitude in the midst of all this uncertainty?
First, recognize that since nothing here is certain, there’s no reason to quit living.
Stuff happens. All you can do is adapt, make the best of it, or just give up and hide.
So why not aim high? It’s really a level playing field. We all face the same challenge. Those who win play the cards in their hand as well as they can. 
Second, don’t worry about it.
You can’t change the weather. But if you have something to sell, you might adjust your sales methods. There’s no law that says you have to keep doing what doesn’t work.
Third, since life is full of risk, why not dive in and let the devil take the hindmost? 
You might fail.
You might succeed.
One thing is for sure – you’ll never gain anything if you don’t risk.
So don’t be afraid to fail. Think of it as learning. If it bothers you, you can limit your risk to something you can afford to lose.
The world needs you. You have something to offer that will make someone’s life better. So play your cards. Risk with boldness. Don’t let your gift collect dust like that sweater your Aunt Mathilda gave you.
Give yourself away. Share your talent. That’s the best risk you’ll ever take.
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