The Biggest Anniversary Gift Ever

For our 25th anniversary, I’m getting my wife the most expensive present ever.
It’s been called the dream of every American. 
It’s something we save for years to do.
It’s one of those purchases young people dream of making someday.
My wife’s family gave us her late grandparents’ land. 
My gift to Missy is the house we will build there. 
My main contribution will be money. I don’t know dink about building anything, much less a house. If I could write one into existence, then we might be on to something.
Until then, we’ll have to hire help.
Missy will be my construction manager. She’ll be there to make sure everything goes as planned. She’ll be our advocate should things get off track.
The cool thing is we can make it just like the house we always wanted. 
I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share it with.
Happy Anniversary and Happy Building, Missy! Here’s to a great future!
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