The Christmas Star

You might think it strange for me to tie in Revelation 22 with Christmas, but read on.

In verse 16, we see Jesus describing Himself like this:
“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”
There are a couple things to see here.
The Jews were looking for a long awaited king, the one who would deliver them from all their oppressors. Generation after generation they waited. It all started with Eve in the Garden hoping each son would be the “One”.
Jesus was that King. He was descended by birth from the line of King David, that man after God’s own heart (Isaiah 11:1). Interestingly, King David’s line also ends with Jesus, as we see no mention of kings in that line in the Scriptures in the New Testament.
But He was a different kind of King. He came to deliver us from oppression, but not the physical kind His people were experiencing. He came so that all those symbols of atonement might be fulfilled. All the blood, all the sacrifices, all the ceremonies pointed to His ultimate and single atoning act on the cross.
He is also a light; the bright and morning star.
Why is this important?
When you think of light, you might think of morning. It’s when the dark veil of night is lifted. It’s a symbol of hope that comes with each new day. It’s when your fears can take a back seat to another try at dealing with what troubles you.
Jesus not only provides freeing light, He is that light. He is the light that led the wise men from afar to come to His cradle. He is the Gentile’s hope in Romans 15:12. He loved Israel but He came so the world might know Him. He invites those who are thirsty to come and be part of the true Israel, the chosen family of God.
So this Christmas give that some thought. Sure, He is a baby in the manger. But this is no ordinary Baby. He was God in diapers. He wasn’t born by happenstance; it was planned from all eternity. He was born in poverty so we might be rich.
That is the greatest Christmas gift ever. 
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