The Key to Attracting the Best People to Your Team

Have you ever had to look for help for your team? 

It can be a challenge to find someone who fits into the company culture and mission, can’t it?
Here’s a simple and effective way to attract the right people when you need them. 
First Do This
It’s important to do 3 things before you set your vision and look for help. 
First, make it clear. 
Does everyone know what is important? What is it that is at the top of your priority list? What activities are further down? Make sure everyone knows what to focus on. Write and speak it in a way that is easy to understand. 
Second, make it definite
The best goals are well-defined. That means they have a written plan of action. There are concrete ways to measure performance. There is a tangible result that people can see and feel when it is reached. 
Third, make it public. 
Your mission and values should not be a secret if you want everyone to abide by them. Let your team members know them – regularly. Put them on your sales materials. Have them on your job listings. Make it impossible for anyone not to know what you stand for. 
A Proven Model of Values 
Coach John Wooden was not only a great basketball coach, he was an excellent teacher. His top subjects were life and leadership. 
Wooden knew the secret of building a great team. That’s why this was his first of twelve lessons on leadership: 
Good values attract good people. 

It all started with 6 rules his father Joshua taught him. 
Never lie.
Never cheat. 
Never steal. 
Don’t whine. 
Don’t complain. 
Don’t make excuses. 
These taught Wooden the importance of responsibility.
As a young teacher, he began to develop his famous Pyramid of Success. These were the character traits that he expected every player on his team to have. 
  1. Industriousness
  2. Friendship
  3. Loyalty
  4. Cooperation 
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Self-control
  7. Alertness
  8. Initiative
  9. Intentness
  10. Condition
  11. Skill 
  12. Team Spirit
  13. Poise
  14. Confidence
  15. Competitive Greatness
It would be hard to argue that these are not good values, wouldn’t it? We admire people who are moral, ethical, and consistent. We know we can trust that they will do what they say, they will always do their best, and they won’t leap at the first offer of $50 more a week. 
These values are clear, definite, and consistent. Chances are if you have some of these, you’re likely to have some of the others, aren’t you? 
And they serve as a great reminder of how you’re doing. Good values help you stay on top of your game. And they will attract the best people for your team when you need help. 
The Challenge
Do you know your own values? 
Are your organization’s values clear? 
Are you willing to abide by them no matter what?
If you are, you’ll be attractive. Studies have shown that people admire those who have character. That is, you know what to expect from them all the time. You can be sure that they mean what they say and that they’ll obey the same rules they expect you to follow. 
Be consistent with your values and your customers will trust you. Maintain your standards and your team will work hard for you. Make your values public and you’ll attract the best talent you could hope for – whenever you need it. 
How have your values affected your sales? What kind of applicants do your values attract? How has defining your values made the difference in your company culture? 
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