The Post I Hoped I’d Never Write

Today I went to the doctor fearing I’d hear the worst news of my life.

Actually, the time I spent waiting for the news was worse than what I heard 2 hours later.
Something has been wrong with me for a little while. I really don’t have any idea how long. But now it had become uncomfortable. I knew that putting it off longer was probably not a good idea, so I mustered up all the courage I could find and visited a doctor.
Time spent waiting in the doctor’s lobby can be some of the loneliest time you’ll spend anywhere. Fortunately, with the benefit of technology, I was able to distract myself with a book. I prayed a good bit, hoping for answers, and fearing the worst.
But you can only stew on that for so long before you just resign yourself to the possibility that the news might be bad, but won’t necessarily be so.
I learned a few things today while I was there that I’ll share with you now.
First, if something is wrong, see a doctor sooner instead of later. If it hurts, there’s a reason. You can look at the Internet and be filled with fear of what has happened to other people or you can visit someone who knows what they’re doing and find out what is really going on.
That leads to the second point. Don’t ever diagnose yourself.If you’re a doctor, you get a pass on this. But since most of us aren’t, leave the diagnoses to the experts.
The third point that is only satisfied when you take the first two to heart is that when you talk to someone who is qualified to give you good answers, you lose some of your fear of the unknown. There is real peace in that. Don’t sacrifice it by thinking your problem will go away by itself. It might, but then again, it might not.
Here’s one for free. What you don’t know might just hurt you.
I was glad to find out I don’t have cancer. I did discover I probably have a hernia. I deliver packages for a living. If I had kept doing this without having myself checked, I could have found myself in an emergency room.
God is good even when life is bad.
You be careful out there. 
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