The Power of Example

We spoke before about the importance of relationships for leaders. It’s the crucial element a leader needs to build the trust that leads to influence.

Now we’ll look at level three – production.

It’s not enough to be liked as a leader.

But you’ll have to admit it helps, won’t you?

When people like you and believe in your vision, they’ll invest themselves in making it happen.

You have to ask yourself then, “Do my people know what my vision is?” If you can answer that honestly, you’ll need a way to measure how well they know it. Have you communicated your organization’s objectives in a way your team can see and wrap their minds around?

You have to see the big picture as a leader if you’re going to take your team to victory. Can you imagine a sports team winning a championship or even a game without knowing what it takes to achieve it?

Knowing what to do is only half the preparation it takes to win. Doing what you need to do is the essential ingredient that makes achievement possible. Fred Smith put it well when he advised us not to confuse activity with achievement. You can stay busy all day long but if that activity does not advance you toward the accomplishment of your vision, you’ve lost.

If you’ve invested time getting to know your people, you’ll know their strengths. This information will help move your team to victory. If they like you and perceive that you care then they’ll use all their resources to achieve the vision you‘ve spelled out.

Delegation is important if your team is going to win. But as a leader you can’t delegate everything. There are some things that only you can do. The activities you choose are vitally important. Your team is watching. They’re looking at your behavior for clues on how they should behave. They’re looking at what you do to see if it matches what you say. They want to know if by your actions you take your job as seriously as you want them to think.

Setting a successful example requires a leader to have integrity. People won’t believe what you say as much as what you do speaks about you. So give them an example to follow that will lead them to spend their time and energy achieving results.

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