The Promised Messiah

Romans 1:2 tells us that Jesus is the fulfillment of a lot of promises in the Old Testament. The verses that follow go into some detail about what the prophets said.

Why is this important?

Well, I you say something is true and you expect people to believe you, then you should back it up with facts. It’s even better when you can find witnesses that will verify your claim.

You might say it’s all propaganda. Sure, you might be able to convince a lot of people about a lie if you tell it enough. But is that really the case here?

Consider this. There were a number of writers inspired by the Holy Spirit who wrote about Jesus. Many wrote of His coming in the days of the Old Testament. The Bible as we know it today had not yet been assembled. The writings were preserved over the centuries by many different people. Some no doubt were copied again and again to keep them intact.

Is it possible that so many people over so many years saying the same thing could have made all this up?

It’s highly unlikely.

Add to that the many witnesses that wrote about Jesus. A full four books in the New Testament are devoted to telling the story of Jesus’ life on earth. All of these books illustrate how He fulfilled the many prophecies made about Him.

Has so much been written about anyone else in history? Do you think anyone will read of our modern heroes 2000 years from now?

Truly, Jesus is worth reading about. Better still, He’s what we’ve all been hoping for. The best part is that though you can’t see Him walking around now, you can know Him.

All you have to do is ask.

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