The Proverbial Series

I’m starting a new series today. It’s an ambitious one. Others have done it before me. Now it’s my turn.

If you’ve never been all the way through the Biblical book of Proverbs before, why don’t you join me? We won’t just be reading it together. We’ll be looking at ways it teaches us how to win at life.

It’s great if you can apply its lessons while you are young. But if you haven’t, trust me. There is still hope for you if you are not finished breathing air on this planet.

Besides, age has a way of showing us that we aren’t always as smart as we think we are.

There’s something here for everyone, so long as he or she is willing to learn.

My goal is to take this verse by verse. Since my posts are generally short, this is realistic. Since repetition is the mother of learning, we will find out why the same ideas occur again and again.

And there are probably enough applications of each passage to keep us going for the duration.

So join me as we take the train from one end of Proverbs to the other. I promise it will be well worth the time you invest here with me.

And who knows? We might both learn something!

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