The Real Reason We All Struggle

If you read my recent post about going on a men’s retreat, you know I’ve been thinking about God’s grace. 

I’m a reader, a listener, and a thinker. Steve Brown, one of my all-time favorite Bible teachers, was talking into my headphones today. I like Steve because about 8 years ago, when I needed it most, His material helped me see God’s grace in ways I never had before. Even to this day, I periodically re-listen to and re-read his material.

Have you ever wondered why people are so messed up? Have you struggled with the same problems over and over again? Have you asked God to fix others – or even yourself? 

I have. 

And I have the same problem that plagues you, your parents, your coworkers, and your friends. 

The problem is …



It’s what made Hitler into a dictator, an authoritarian, and a mass murderer. 

It’s what makes politicians want to control more of your life with government interference.

And it’s what makes the people around you do things that annoy you to death.

It’s like a poison you can’t get rid of. It’s at your workplace. It’s in your church. And it’s even lurking about in your home. 

So what can you do about it? 

Well, you can’t do anything.

But Jesus can.

He lived the life you’re living now. He faced the same temptations you do. And He knows what it’s like to struggle against the limitations of a broken world. 

The good news is, He did it perfectly – for you. 

Thank God He’s not like those we call “perfect” in this life. He’s not telling you He’s better than you, though He is. He’s not condemning you, because He took it for you. He loves you – right where you are. 

And as our speaker last weekend said, “God loves you too much to leave you where you are.”


Grace expects change. 

So do we.

We want change that benefits us. 

God wants change that is for our good.

It takes grace to know the difference.

Take that to heart.

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