The Rider on the White Horse

The Lamb in Revelation 19 has another identity.

He’s also a very powerful ruler.
He’s seated on a white horse. This symbolizes His purity and the ultimate righteousness of His actions. He’s not tainted with selfishness and gain. He rules with real truth and real justice. The people He loves are absolutely free; those who hate Him, and spurn His love are as bound as a prisoner in shackles. When He makes war, He attacks sin and its devastating effects – and wins.
His eyes are a “blaze of fire”. The truth that comes from God is liberating, uninhibited, and exact. When you see it, you’re changed forever. You can’t not see it anymore. Then you’re left to suppress it, which can lead to bitterness and stress for the rest of your life. People medicate this with all sorts of addictions to push it out of their minds.
There are many crowns on His head. This is a direct reference to Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His power encompasses every kingdom, every province, and every individual on earth. We all have to deal with Him in our hearts or spend our lives denying His existence. Nothing happens that He doesn’t know about or permit. It’s beyond the scope of my knowledge to explain the reasons behind everything that occurs. But then, I’m not God.
So what effect does truth and justice have on us?
We all want to know that what we believe is true. That gives us a solid rock to stand on. We may not know why we know that we know; that requires faith. But faith has to be tested to become real. If you claim one of God’s promises, the proving ground is the life you live in the world day by day. Did God do what He promised? Did you rightly claim it? You have to honestly examine yourself and the text to know for sure.
We all yearn for justice. When someone commits a crime, we want him to pay. But sometimes we don’t apply that equally to ourselves. But still, we want the books cleared on our own guilt so we can live life freely.
That’s where the bloodstained cloak comes in. The blood on that garment was shed so your guilt could be taken away…forever.
Believe that and be free. 
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