The River of Life

Revelation’s final chapter opens with the description of a river that has no equal.

This river is called a river of life. Its source is the throne of God Himself. It’s as clear as crystal.
I’ve never seen any river that looked like that in my life. The water from my tap isn’t that clear. There’s clearly something supernatural about it.
There was a song we used to sing in youth group back when I was a teenager. It was titled, “I’ve Got a River of Life Flowing Out of Me.” I can’t recall if there was actually any mention of Jesus in that song, but since it was a church setting, it was implied. There were some amazing feats attributed to that river like making the lame walk and the blind see. It also was concerned with freedom, opening prison doors and setting captives free. The implication was that Jesus wanted to dwell in our hearts and do all this wonderful stuff. The song had a happy beat to it and was quite motivating.
So why don’t we in the church have all that power to do amazing things for God?
A couple things come to mind.
First, we live as functional Pharisees. Statistics say that many Christians rarely pray or even open their Bibles. So is it any wonder we’re powerless? And of course, being a Pharisee, even without admitting such, is to place one’s hope in performance. This means you have to muster up what is needed to live the Christian life on your own. God gives you some rules and they’re good. Now you have to go out and work really hard to live up to them.
And then the river gets clogged.
If we are our own functional saviors, no wonder the river of life has dried up. We’re spiritually dead apart from Christ. If we obey at all, we need to draw on His power to do it. The rules are high and many and it is impossible to know them all well enough to keep them perfectly.
So what can we do?
If you want a river of life to flow out of you, you have to go to the Throne from which it comes.
Living for God only happens when you know you’re loved and forgiven and it’s all by God’s grace.
Then the river will flow abundantly.
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