The Secret to Getting Support for Your Ideas

You’ve got good ideas. 

Have you ever been afraid to share a good idea because you thought other people might think it was dumb? 
I have. 
You don’t have to give in to the fear anymore. 
Here’s a secret that top influencers use to get support for their ideas. It’s so simple that you can use it, too. It takes a little creativity, and I’ll show you some ways to put it into practice.
Let’s Clear Up the Misconceptions
Maybe you think that those people you know who always get what they want have some magic power. 
They don’t. 
Actually, they’re a lot like you and me. They have good intentions. They make mistakes. They do the best they can. 
So what’s different about them? 
They use a few methods that you aren’t, if you struggle to get support for your ideas. 
Here’s What You Can Do Now

The answer is found in Dale Carnegie’s human relations principle which says:
Now for some practical ways to apply it. 
There is one thing though that brings on the fear that we have to deal with. It’s what this principle arms us to do battle with. What is this threat to our influence? 
The other person resists if we go immediately into a speech about our great idea. We resist by being afraid he will say, “No” to our offer. With every sentence, we build a wall between us, brick by brick. 
Wouldn’t you like your words to dismantle that wall? 
4 Practical Steps

1. Remain Calm
Nothing shakes your conviction more than visible tension. If you seem stiff, your words will be, too. Your face always shows what’s on your mind. 
Here’s how you can change that for the better. 
Smile. This will kick start your control over your emotions faster than anything else you could try.  Lead your emotions by smiling. You’ll send a message of confidence to your listener. 
Breathe. Take a deep breath into your belly. Count to ten as you exhale. This will slow down the frantic pace of your breathing when you’re nervous. Then you’ll be free to think and function as you want to. 
2. Use positive language. 
You’ve probably heard that if someone tells you not to think about a purple elephant, that’s what you’ll think about. 
Make sure you paint the mental pictures you want the other person to have. Remember, once you say, you can’t unsay it. 
3. Find something to agree about first. 
You’ll get resistance if you go for the big “Yes” right off the bat. 
Go for something small. The weather is usually safe. Look for clues that let you know what the other person is interested in. Frame your questions in her frame of reference and you’ll get more “yeses”. 
4. Get a series of yeses. 
Wouldn’t you like to play a game you can’t lose? 
Limit your questions to those that can only be answered with “Yes”. 
Start with things anyone would agree with. Ask open ended questions that give you clues to what she likes. Then frame your questions this way:
  1. Based on what she says she likes
  2. The needs her desires reveal
  3. The needs your idea addresses
Getting a series of yeses is like taking down the wall of resistance brick by brick. You then use those bricks to build a road to accepting your idea. 
Armed and Ready
Now you’ve learned the secret to getting support for your ideas. 
Use what you learned today and your good ideas won’t have to die without being realized. You’ll overcome the resistance and the fear. You’ll get the support you need. And you’ll do your part to make it a better world. 
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