The Three P’s That Bring Success

There have been thousands of bestsellers touting the ultimate method of success.
And for the cost of the book, you can discover it.
I’m here to tell you that the path to success is neither miraculous nor secret.
There are three key attributes you must have to find success. If your parents were even mildly concerned with your future they probably taught you these three things.
What are they?
Each one begins with the same letter and all are free to you today if you’ll read this post.
The first element of success is Patience.
You may have heard the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. The farmer who plants it must cultivate it for four years before he sees any results. If he digs it up to see if the roots are taking hold, he can stunt its growth. If he gives up at any time during the first four years all his effort is wasted.
Then during the fifth year the bamboo tree shoots up 80 feet!
Good things come to those who wait … and work.
The second element of success is Perseverance.
If you haven’t seen Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce, you should. You’ll be inspired as you watch him persevere against incredible odds to bring an end to the slave trade in Britain. He was assaulted. He received death threats. The press treated him like the modern media treats Republicans. He struggled with health problems and even suffered a nervous breakdown. But he persevered for some 20 years, repeatedly bringing bills to end the slave trade to the British legislature.
Finally, public sentiment turned his way. His bill passed with an overwhelming majority.
Like the postage stamps we rarely use anymore, Wilberforce stuck to his purpose until the job was done.
The third element of success is Perspiration.
When Michael Jordan first entered the NBA, his jump shot was not quite good enough. Rather than rest during the off-season, he invested time every day throwing hundreds of jump shots. Eventually, his technique became perfect. His career from then on was a testament to his willingness to work hard to be the best.
You can do all of these things. It won’t be easy. In fact, it will probably be hard. But if you’ll do them, you’ll find success in whatever you choose to do.
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