The Truth About Trusting Yourself

Do You Trust Yourself? 
Trust yourself.
It’s the essence of individualism. It’s the foundation of our cultural mantra. Even Christian leaders chant it. 
Deep within we believe it. But is it really true?
God says we can’t trust ourselves. (Jeremiah 17:9)
Our hearts are essentially wicked.  If we do any good at all, it’s a reflection of God’s image in us. So we must give God the credit. 
Here’s the Truth
Since our hearts are deceitful, following our hearts will lead to death, emptiness, and deception.
The first lie our hearts tell us is that the path where it leads isn’t dangerous. 
The second lie our hearts tell us is that we can worship God right next to our idols. 
The third lie our hearts tell us is that we aren’t sick people in need of healing. 
The remedy for a deceitful heart is to follow Jesus every day. You can’t cure yourself. You can’t diagnose yourself properly either. Jesus is the only heart surgeon that can transform your wicked, sick, and dead heart into a new, healthy, and alive heart.
Follow Jesus. Trust Him. He will lead you to life and save you from the jaws of death and hell. 
Are You a Follower or Just an Admirer? 
Followers want to be like the one they admire. Admirers just have a preference for the object of their admiration. 
If you want to live, be a FOLLOWER of Jesus. Go where HE leads you, not where your heart urges. 
Think about that and have a healthy life!
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