The Truth Can Really Hurt

Summers in the South can be really hot. I drove for two months without air in my vehicle and it was, to say the least, as physically challenging as carrying the earth on one’s shoulders.

But I lived.
You could take a lesson from my predicament. I went to school years ago and learned about the seasons that occur each year. In the summer months, the temperatures can rise into the triple digits. Add humidity to that and the real feeling of heat can increase by ten degrees.
So the smart thing to do would be to take every opportunity to stay cool like drinking water, rolling the windows down, and wearing loose fitting clothing.
Say I decided to rebel against that truth. I might decide to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. I could roll the windows up hoping against the greenhouse effect. Do you think I’d stay cool because I decided to contradict the hot weather with my dress and actions?
Of course not.
This is what has happened to the victims of the sun’s scorching heat in Revelation 16:7-9. God is revealed in nature as the One who put this glorious world together. We can reject that truth but it doesn’t nullify it. We may scoff at the Ten Commandments. But we will still find that if we violate them, we get hurt.
What lies ahead for those who reject the gracious offer of God to save them from their sins is a horrible eternity without Him. Now it may seem crazy to some of you that this is exactly what unbelievers want. Notice they complain not about the plagues, but about the God who brought them.
Is that insane?
Consider this. What is pictured here will last for eternity for those who reject Christ. But don’t we get a taste of pain while we live in broken world? Yes, indeed. Pain visits Christians and pagans. Cancer comes to the loved and the unloved. Disaster comes to those who deserve it and those who don’t.
What should be evident is the difference in how Christians handle pain.
When pain comes, do you curse God because of it? It’s a normal human reaction. Granted, you should tell him you’re hurting. But do you stop there, or do you pray that God uses it for good?
That’s a prayer He’ll always answer with yes.

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