These Two Things Might Save Your Life

If you want to beat stress, you’ll need some new glasses.

I’m not talking about a trip to the optometrist, although that might help some of you. I’m referring to a new way of looking at the world.

Proverbs 3:21-26 gives us two things to focus on, new glasses if you will. Those two things will make the three benefits promised in the title a reality. They are wisdom and discretion. If you’ll view the world around you with these, you will be much better equipped to deal with what life hands you.

The first benefit is restful sleep.

When you take your troubles to bed with you, you toss and turn so much your body can’t possibly recuperate. Wisdom would say that if you can do anything to deal with your worries, you should. In fact, don’t wait. Do it today and tonight you’ll sleep like a baby.

A clear conscience will open the door for sleep because your heart won’t be wrestling with your mind when you should be counting sheep.

The second benefit of your new glasses is that you won’t be scared of the bogey man. Those noises in the house that you hear when everything is quiet won’t rattle you. The monster under the bed won’t come out because he won’t be there. With a right view of the world, you can go where you need to go and do what you need to do without being crippled by fear. Those unexamined phobias won’t survive under the light of wisdom.

The third benefit builds on the first two.

When you have a solid head in your shoulders, well-rested and brave, you can see the traps in your path. You won’t be tempted like an animal is by food cleverly laid in a snare. Wisdom and discretion will make it obvious that blanket on the ground is covering an open grave.

Putting on these new glasses won’t be easy. You’ll have to do some work. You’ll need to feed your mind some good information so your glasses won’t be blurry. And you know if you can’t see, it’s pretty hard to drive.

If you want to sleep like a baby, be confident, and avoid open graves in your path, put on the glasses of wisdom and discretion.

Share your story in the comments. How has wisdom and discretion saved your life?

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