Three Amazing Reasons to Smile Now

Dale Carnegie said there are six ways to make people like you.

The fifth is summed up in one word – smile.

You Have a Choice. 
It’s easy to smile when you feel like it. But the problem with feelings is that they can fluctuate like the weather did last week. One day you’re bundling up indoors because you’re snowed in. Then a few days later you’re outside wearing short sleeves.

If you let your feelings guide you, you might not smile much.

As humans, we have incredible power. We can decide what kind of day we will have by what we choose to think about it. Think of your life as a ride on a sailboat. You can let the winds of circumstance toss you around to who knows where, or you can chart your own course by looking at a map and setting the sails.
Your smile will set the sails.

Three Ways You Can Change the World With Your Smile
You know smiles are powerful. When you are at the grocery store and a baby looks you in the eye and smiles, can you help but smile back? If a store associate smiles and treats you with courtesy, don’t you trust her more? When you walk into a roomful of strangers, isn’t the person with the biggest smile the most attractive?

You saw that you can’t trust your feelings to give you reasons to smile. In fact, you need solid, amazing reasons you can bank on day in and day out. You need a foundation that will stand the test of time, weather the storms of life, and be ready to activate whenever you are.

The first amazing reason is this – smile to feel good rather than feel good to smile.

When you smile, something happens in your brain. If you smile sincerely, you activate chemicals that trigger happiness.

This principle is illustrated by a famous piece of advice – “Fake it ’till you make it.”  

Dale Carnegie said, “If you act enthusiastic, you will be enthusiastic.”

And who can forget, “Smile, and the world smiles with you.” 

Your smile is influential, powerful, and motivating.

Will you use it to motivate yourself?

The second amazing reason to smile – a smile helps you navigate through your pain.

When life deals you a 1-2 punch, you don’t feel much like smiling.

Pain can be a prison cell with no doorway out if you choose not to smile some in the midst of it.

Here’s a few ways to unlock that door.

Forgive those who hurt you. Holding a grudge only shackles you to uncomfortable thoughts about your offender. Forgiveness frees you to move on to the next chapter of your life.

Don’t worry if you don’t know why something terrible happened. Chances are, knowing why won’t make you feel any better. In fact, it might make your pain worse. Be thankful.

Understand that life isn’t fair. Sometimes you get better than you deserve. Other times you don’t. Deal with it. Be happy anyway.

The third amazing reason to smile is it lifts other people up. 

There’s a lot of talk about generosity these days.

If you want to make a lavish contribution in an instant, give someone a smile. You never know what kind of day that person has had. She may have just come back from a dream vacation. Or she might have just found out her best friend has inoperable cancer. She’s probably somewhere between the two extremes. If you will open your conversation with a smile, you’ll make her happier to see you no matter what she’s feeling. And if she feels better, you will too.

The Best Way to Start Your Day Everyday
Now you have three solid reasons to smile every day of your life.

Smile whenever you want to trigger your own happiness.

Smile when you’re hurting so you can get through it and find something to be grateful for.

Smile so you can give someone else a lift.

You really can change the world with your smile. Start today and you’ll have a great week!

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