Three Amazing Things We Can Learn From Ants

Ants. You wouldn’t invite them to your family picnic. They aren’t wallflowers waiting for somebody to ask them first. If you’ve got food and no poison, that is invitation enough.

We live in a tough economy as I write these words. Sure, the media tells us things are getting better. But if you or your friends are looking for work, you know there are more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available.

So you have to resort to some more drastic measures.

Proverbs 6:6-11 tells us to look to the ant. He’s got some good advice too give us if we will just take it.

First, the ant doesn’t have anyone standing over him telling him where to go and what to do. He has a purpose and he goes about it. Sure, it’s instinctual. We can have the same drive when we set goals and give our all to reach them.

The ant is a self-starter.

Self-starters are their own accountability. It all starts with a strong sense of responsibility. The ant knows that if he and his extended family want to survive, there has got to be food to eat. He knows that food won’t just drop into the hole. He’s got to go get it. If you wait for dinner by holding your mouth open, you’ll wait your way to your grave.

Besides, that only works for babies.

Second, the ant plans ahead for the future. He knows there will be times when food will be scarce, so he stores more than he needs right now in anticipation of leaner times. He works harder than is required for today’s bread, so he’ll have bread in the tomorrows of life.

Third, the ants ways are the antidote to poverty. That’s what scares us when times are bad. What if there’s not enough? Won’t it be hard to keep going when the going gets tough? The ant doesn’t dwell on this. He doesn’t focus on what could go wrong. He prepares for the future to be right.

And you thought ants were just pests.

One final thing. Ants are audacious. They don’t care if you approve of their projects. They will soldier on anyway. They press on for the good of other ants, even at the cost of their lives.

How does the way ants live affect the way you live?

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