Three Amusing Ways Life is Like Old Film

This is my 620th blog post. As I was thinking about how to mark it, I found some information about 620 film.

If you’re as old as I am, you remember film. You had to be careful not to expose it to light prematurely or you’d ruin it. Film offers no forgiveness for mistakes apart from taking the picture over. And when you’re done, you’ve got to process the film so you can print the pictures.

This week when I found out I have a hernia, it was like a light coming into my brain. The looming threat of cancer melted away in the light of truth. What a relief! But the fact that hernias come from lifting things probably means I’ve been doing my work wrong for a while.

The good news is that hernias are fixable. It’s like putting a new roll of film in your camera.

Film offered no forgiveness when you opened the shutter by mistake. The solution was to take another picture. To overlook your blunder, you would skip printing the picture. If the processor printed it, you’d throw the offending print away.

Forgiveness is great. You can give it freely enough to others. But you can’t depend on others to grant it to you. If you’ll treat your interactions with others with the same care you’d take before opening the shutter on your camera, you won’t need to worry about mistakes much.

You can and should forgive yourself when you blow it. That shot is burned onto the film. Think of it like releasing a bowling ball. Once it starts rolling down the lane, all you can do is watch and hope you did your best.

And remember you’ll always have another throw before the game is over.

Once you’ve taken all the shots your film will allow, you’ve got to process it. This has to be done a certain way or you’ll lose everything. My parents wedding pictures never saw the light of day because the developer processed color film as if it were black and white.

Making the most of life is like processing film. The way you see things and process them makes all the difference in how your life turns out. Truth frees you to do life well.

Now go give it your best shot!

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