Three Guarantees in Life

Whoever said that “The only things that are certain in life are death and taxes” withheld some very important information. 

There aren’t just two guarantees in life. There are three – death, taxes, and change.  

My life has been full of change this year. 

Earlier this year I experienced a change in my health. I went to three doctors trying to figure out what it was. I diagnosed myself with cancer first. The first doctor thought it was a hernia. The next immediately recognized it as a hydrocele after shining a flashlight on it. The third performed a few tests and asked a hundred questions. As it turns out, the only way out is to have surgery or choose to live with it.

Later this year I experienced a change in my church. Things had changed little by little over the years. Then a big change was announced and I felt like a frog that had been thrown into boiling water. I talked with the leadership about it. We agreed to disagree and I found another church. 

Most recently I experienced a change in my work. Because of a physical disability, I am no longer able to do my job. That means that I’m looking for opportunities elsewhere. 

I didn’t plan for any of these changes to happen. They just did. That’s life. I can sit here and whine or adjust my sails. Either way, change happens. The only things over which I have any control are my thoughts and actions in the midst of all this change. 

If you’re having a hard week, month, or year, take hope. Change happens to everyone, just like death and taxes. You do have a choice, though. You can decide whether the change you face makes you bitter or whether it makes you better.

Which will you choose when change hits you in the face like buckshot from the business end of a rifle?  

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