Three Reasons We Don’t Care About Adultery

You see it in the soap commercials. It’s in the football ads. It’s suggested in pharmaceutical messages. The Secret life of the American Teenager is a show devoted to the subject.

The father in Proverbs 5 implores his son about the dangers of sexual sin. Contrast that with the message today: “They’re (kids) going to do it anyway, so we might as well protect them with condoms.”

Better protection would be to tell kids the truth.

The first reason we don’t care about adultery is we are attracted to forbidden things. We watch soap operas because we take joy in other people’s troubles. We are fascinated by profiles of serial murderers. We spend our leisure time reading murder mysteries.

The second reason we don’t care about adultery is because we lack focus. Our short attention spans rivet our minds on the here and now. Nothing matters tomorrow. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Think you’re immune? Wait until a holiday celebration comes around and the cookie tray is full of tempting treats. You take one. It tastes soooo good. So you take another, reasoning to yourself that this will be the last one. Then you grab another, since this is a special occasion and you can lose that weight tomorrow.

Immediate gratification is a powerful force. Why wait when you can have it now? When your goal is the feeling, then you’ll do anything to get it.

The third reason we don’t care about adultery is that we really believe we’re the exception. If nobody sees you, it doesn’t matter. If it’s just between you and one other person, nobody gets hurt, we think. When we want something, we can invent a thousand reasons why it is right, even if logic tells us it’s wrong. It’s like driving ninety miles an hour to the edge of a cliff. If we don’t know it’s there, then we can’t fall off.

That is not intelligent ignorance.

Actions have consequences, even if those consequences are delayed. If you want to avoid trouble, think about the worst possible thing that could happen if you do it. The offended spouse could beat the snot out of you. You could get fired. Your spouse could sue you for all your assets and keep your kids from ever seeing you again.

Is that one indiscretion worth that?

Don’t believe the lies. Protect yourself with the truth.

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