Three Steps to Keep Worry From Ruining Your Health

Do you know how worry can wreak havoc on your entire body? 

From the Top Down
Worry invades your thoughts, taking away your peace of mind. When this happens, you lose sleep. Then you’re tired all day long, lowering your body’s defenses to illness and stress. 
Do you have a bad memory? Worry won’t help with that either. It can make you absent-minded because your thoughts will be consumed with troublesome thoughts instead of what you need to be doing. 
You Won’t Need Energy Drinks
Worry can trigger your body’s adrenaline production. 
When you’re faced with stress, your body braces for a fight.  Your heart rate goes up. Your breathing gets heavier. You sweat like a pig. 
All these are helpful when you’re in real physical danger. But if it happens too much, there will be consequences for your health like heart disease, strokes, chronic respiratory disorder, and stomach ulcers. 
And that’s not all. 
Here’s another horrible handful:
  • High blood pressure
  • Panic attacks
  • Tension headaches
  • Chronic fatigue sydrome 
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Increased blood sugar
Three Simple Things You Can Do to Fight Worry
Now you know what worry can do to your health. 
Now let’s look at what you can do to fight back. 
1. Face Facts.
Worry is the reason for a lot of the pain people suffer today. When you spend time fretting over something, you sow the seeds of chronic pain, disease, and even death. 
The fact is you can’t stop stressful situations from happening. 
You can choose not to let them rattle you to the core. 
These steps are simple
They may not be easy.
They are absolutely necessary if you want to effectively fight worry and live the longest life you can. 
So, face the facts before you. Accept that you cannot change the facts. What you can do is solve the problems that the facts present. So devote your energy to doing that, won’t you?
2. Quit Worrying.
This is easier said than done if worry is a habitual response for you. 
Think about this. What makes worry a default response? 
The quick and dirty answer is that you’re not prepared to handle unfamiliar situations. 
Worry is the easy response, the one that comes from the gut. So, unless you want your gut eaten up with ulcers, you need to ignore it. Better yet, feed your gut some different responses. 
Quitting worrying can be as painful as giving up a three pack a day cigarette habit. Going from 60 to 0 in one day is quite a feat. But studies have shown that quitting provides immediate health benefits. Try to remember that the pain, while it may be intense, is temporary. As you develop your coping muscles, you’ll get stronger and stronger. 
3. Start Doing Something About it.
If you’ve taken the first two steps, you’re free to take the third step. 
Your mind is only able to do one thing at a time. So don’t burden it with worry. Set it free to take the action you need to deal with your stresses, solve your problems, and move forward. 
Dr. David Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big said that action cures fear. Nothing will dissolve the clouds of worry like doing something about it. Weigh the options. Make a decision. Then take what Tony Robbins calls “massive action”!
The Rewards of Taking These Steps
Now you know three steps that lead to freedom from the health curse of worry. 
Face the facts.
Quit worrying. 
Do something about it. 
Do this and stress won’t torture you. 
You’ll have some weapons to deal with worry. 
And you’ll find you have the will to fight — and win!
Start taking these steps today if you haven’t already. Isn’t your life worth it?
How do you deal with stress? Could these steps make a difference for you? Feel free to share your stories!
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