Three Very Good Reasons to Keep Busy

If you want to build a wall between you and your worries, you need to do one thing. 

Keep busy. 

That kind of advice sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?
When you’re going through intense grief, it seems sinful to do anything else. After all, what would the dear departed think? 
Don’t worries need to be dealt with instead of ignored? 
Sure, if you can do something about it.  
But, what if you can’t? 
Then get busy. And keep busy. 

Now let’s look at three very good reasons you should keep busy.
You Can’t Think of Two Things at Once
Let’s do an experiment. 
Try to think of what you’re going to do tomorrow. Now, at the same time, think about a giant purple elephant. 
Can you do it? 
Of course you can’t. 
Your computer works like your brain. It can only do one thing at a time. Granted, it can do it really fast. So fast in fact that it looks like it’s multitasking.  But really it’s just doing one thing and then the next. It goes back and forth, back and forth – doing one thing at a time. 
Since your brain is so designed, what will you allow to occupy your thoughts? 
If it’s something you’re worried about, this will happen …
Your Worries Will Shackle Your Mind
There are three ways worry shackles your mind. 
  • It keeps you from thinking about anything else. 
  • It keeps you from thinking clearly. 
  • It lets your emotions run wild. 
When you take a ride on a roller coaster, what do the attendants do when you sit down into your seat?
They strap you in at the waist. Then they put a restraining bar across your chest. This is so you don’t fall out. 
Worry shackles you, too. It takes you for an exhausting ride, gives your stomach butterflies, and leaves you feeling sick. 
The problem is that this ride doesn’t have anyone to lift the restraints from you so you can go on with your day. 
If you’ll keep busy, worry won’t be able to put any shackles on you. 
Keep busy and you’ll crowd worry out of your mind.
You’ll Feel Better
When I was in art school, I would spend hours and hours on each project. Time would fly by as I added one pencil stroke after another. I could easily listen to several different DJs without changing the radio station. 
The point is that when you’re busy and your mind is fully occupied, you’re not concerned with the passage of time. You’re not wondering when it will be time to eat, sleep, or make a phone call. 
And you won’t be worrying either. 
The result of keeping busy will be that you’ll have given your mind a much needed vacation from your worries. Then you’ll be able to choose your own thoughts, think clearly, and control your emotions. 
Can you think of a better way to live a peaceful and happy life? 
What can you do to keep busy and crowd out your worries? 
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