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    Ep. #4 : Latest Show: A Doctor's story of recovery 
    Guest: Dr. Michelle Bengston

    What happens when a doctor gets depression? Dr. Michelle Bengtson discovered everything she knew wasn’t enough. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself helpless and unable to do anything? Michelle Bengston found herself in this position.

    Imagine being a doctor who had spend years of your life studying mental disorders, only to find yourself knocked out by one. Then you find that all the clinical treatment techniques available just don't work for you. What's missing? Michelle found the answer, and she shares it here.

    Here's what else she shares: How God told her this book had to be different and it's not at all what she expected. A book marketing strategy that helped her book become a bestseller. A single addition to every chapter that made her book stand out from the rest. Why marketing must be part of every successful writer's mindset. Grab her book Hope Prevails.    

    Connect with Michelle: Website, Facebook, Twitter 

    Ep. #1: A Comprehensive Plan to Launch Your Book
    Guest: Mike Loomis
    Do you have a book you want to launch? Great! What exactly do you need to do to make it a bestseller? Brand and Book Launch Expert Mike Loomis tells you everything you need to know!
    Mike Loomis has been helping authors launch their books for over 20 years. The methods he shares are all tested, tried, and proven. He’s even helped launch two New York Times Bestsellers! Every author who has worked with him has reached the Amazon bestseller list in at least one category. Now in less than half an hour, you can learn the secrets that will make your book launch a roaring success! Here’s some of what you’ll learn:
    •  3 reasons why a book launch is so important
    • The BIGGEST mistake authors make when launching their books
    • The top reason you want an influencer to endorse your book
    • Why every writer has two jobs and why the other one is equally if not more important
    • The key factors that make or break a launch

    Connect with Mike: Website, Facebook, Twitter.

    Ep. #2: Medium Strategies You Can't Ignore
    Guest: Amy Torres
    Amy Torres experienced rapid growth on Medium in early 2017. I spoke with her and learned all her secrets. And now, they're here for you! Here's some of what you'll learn:
    • What you're really looking for when you read other writers
    • How often you need to publish to gain traction 
    • The one practice that determines whether your article trends or disappears 
    • How to design your posts so people will read them
    • A hidden goldmine of ideas to write about
    • A simple way to expand your reach

    Connect with Amy: Website, On Medium, Medium Mastery Facebook Group, Amy's Course in Miracles Workbook.

    Ep. #3: Where Tomorrow's Best Sellers Get Started
    Guest: Nicole Akers
    Medium is the premier platform for writers who want to get noticed. But it's not enough. You need to be in a publication. Why not write for one that not only publishes your work, but gives you a platform? Whether or not you have a blog, Publishous offers some incredible advantages for tomorrow's bestsellers;
    • A bookstore for your books and products
    • Over 200,000 regular visitors that will see your work
    • Editors who care as much about your success as you do
    • A home for your work if you don't have a blog
    • The added credibility that comes from being published

    Connect with Nicole:  Publishous on Medium, The Publishous Website, Nicole Akers on Medium, Build a Thriving Community, We Talk Healthy, Get Nicole's Cookbooks.


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