Tired of Mondays?

Someone asked me how I was today. I decided to be witty and replied, “It’s Monday!”

He agreed, then offered, “Yeah, they keep coming every week. I haven’t been able to stop them yet.”

“The only way I know to stop Mondays is by dying,” I said.

His response was one of shock, like that expression the deer gives when your headlights fill her eyes.

I was thinking that was a practical answer. But it got me thinking.

We are afraid of death. We fear it because we know it’s coming but we don’t know when. We hate death because it takes away the ones we love. And it won’t spare any of us. We dread death because even if we know Jesus, we wonder deep down sometimes if we really do. What if we fooled ourselves and end up in Hell?

Ironically, I am writing this on a Monday.

Death is that thing that when we know it’s getting closer leads us to consider how we’re living. You can call it cramming for finals. Just in case we should face our Creator when we pass from this life, wouldn’t it be smart to be at least somewhat prepared?

Here’s a suggestion. Grab a Bible. It starts off saying God made us and then spends a lot of time telling about His judgment and His love. So find out what it says and make up your own mind. At least then you’ll know.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, if you get to know God and find out that Buddha was right about reincarnation, you’ve lost nothing. But, if you put your faith in reincarnation and find out the Bible was right, you’ve lost everything.

Yeah, it’s Monday.

So for as long as you live, there will be Mondays. You can petition for the government to change the calendar so that the week begins on Tuesday, but eventually it will just replace Monday.

The solution then is to find a way to deal with the reality of Mondays with joy and freedom. Be thankful that you’re breathing. Be glad you’re working, if you are. If it’s your day off, rejoice!

After all, it could be worse.

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