Want to Expand Your Reach? Here’s a Way to Jumpstart Your Networking

Tribe Builder's Network

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Build Your Tribe Today

Are you a writer who wants to go pro someday?

Do you have a book inside you that you’d love to sell?

Do you have something to teach that the world needs to hear?

You need a network.

To build a network, you’ve got to connect with people online and offline. It takes time and effort, and a certain set of skills. Do you know what to do? And do you know how often to do it?

What if you could join a group of like-minded writers who want to do the same thing?

Imagine the attention you could get for your work. Picture doors opening to a brighter future as a writer – one who gets paid. One who gets attention. One who is respected as a leader in his or her community.

Sound good?

The Tribe Builder’s Network is the key that will start the engine.


Here’s what others are saying about the Tribe Builders’ Network:

I’ve only joined since yesterday, however I’ve already seen some signs of growth since yesterday on Medium. To put things into perspective yesterday I had 32 views of my articles and before joining this group the highest I ever achieved was 6. That’s nearly 6 times the growth I received in one day! I’m looking forward to engaging with this community more and reading other people’s perspectives from all the other articles I read I can tell this is a good group filled with energy, understanding, and support.

Eric Burdon, Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew: Overcoming Doubt, Depression, and Embracing Change


A great group of like minded people, ready and willing to help each other. A great network to be a part of!

Bryan Hutchinson, Author of Writer’s Doubt: The #1 Enemy of Writing (and What You Can Do About It)  http://positivewriter.com/


It’s a very supportive and effective community of people with similar goals, mindset and aspirations. Very helpful and inspiring to see each other’s progress, make connections and get encouraging feedback. It’s a great place to grow and share your art.

Meg Konovska, www.justhowcoolisthat.com


The Tribe Builder’s Network is a game changer for bloggers, writers, and all creatives! I’m happy to be a part of this rapidly growing community! Do you have a message to share? A blog? Published a book? I’d like to encourage anyone with any form of creative work to join this truly supportive and encouraging group! Hope to see you on the inside!

Cori Leigh Mann, www.coriwriter.com


It’s a compassionate community of writers ready and willing to help you. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite groups.

Shayla Raquel, www.shaylaraquel.com 


I feel very supported and that feels good! I have gotten more tweets and twitter followers – I posted a little while ago about being on the cusp of 2000. Now I am approaching 3000. Yesterday on Medium I got my 10 likes in 10 minutes on both of my posts. Today the one I have on Thrive has more than 50. I’ve increased in subscribers some but it’s difficult to tell where they came from unless they tell me. Subscribers are my focus at this time. (And book sales)

Danielle Bernock, Author of Emerging With Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, And The LOVE that Heals  www.daniellebernock.com


I am so happy I joined. I got some traffic on Medium yesterday and I am sure I will make new connections and learn lots in this group. Thanks for sharing with me.

Gila Nehemia, https://gnehemia.wordpress.com/


Well, I started my blog on Saturday– Since then I’ve had over 90 visitors to my website. That’s so exciting!!! This is pretty exciting. I know at least 7 people from this group promoted the blog on Twitter and several went and took a look at the blog. I don’t know how many are from this group, but you are all awesome. (Oh, and I also have 16 subscribers to my blog, which is WAY more than I expected from just the first post. I’m so happy to have joined this group).

Kevin Enriquez, www.storyfocusedlife.com


The unleashed power of community is a force to be reckoned with!

David Mike, Author of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption


You’ve waited long enough to do this. Join the Tribe Builder’s Network today. All you need is to be a writer who is willing to help others share their work. Do that, and you’ll find a ready group of friends who will do the same for you!

Tribe Builders Network

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