Two Keys to Industriousness

Today we begin a series on Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

It took him thirty years to put this together. 

I promise to summarize it in a much shorter time!

There are five foundation stones that support the pyramid.  Today we’ll examine the one in the left corner – industriousness

Industriousness isn’t a word we hear too much these days. The dictionary describes it as “persevering determination to perform a task.” 

Perseverance and determination are spoken of highly by motivational speakers. They sound romantic from the outside. But when you’re in the thick of battle, up to your waist in the trenches of life, and your brow is bathed in perspiration, the romance fades away like sunshine at dusk. 

This is because of the first key – hard work

Hard work is just that. It takes you to the limits of your physical endurance. It levies a tax so heavy on your brain that your eyes feel like they’ll pop out. It leaves you with no doubt that your sweat glands are functioning properly. 

But it also can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that the best thrill ride at Six Flags can’t top. 

Hard work gets things done. It’s what separates the excellent from the mediocre. It the force that makes the cream rise to the top. It’s the means that puts food on your table and a roof over your head. 

If you want anything of value, you can’t get it without hard work.

But without the second key, hard work can create activity without accomplishment. 

If we’re going to expend our best energy, we need to channel it. It’s putting a nozzle on your hose and pointing it at the dry flowers in your back yard. Channeling energy requires direction. Direction needs planning to ensure we reach our intended destination. 

It’s been said that “average people have wishes and hopes. Confident people have goals and plans.”

With hard work and planning, you can make your dreams come true. If you want to make the sale, plan to make the sale. Then do the work it takes to win the business. Do you want that bonus that is available? Find out what it takes, plan how you’ll do it, then put in the work. Would you lie a healthier body? Learn what your challenges are. Plan how you’ll overcome them. Then take action.

There is no other way. 

If you’re industrious, you’ll have a an excellent foundation for a balanced, rich life. Will you discover what it takes and make the effort? 

If you do, the rewards will be sweeter than your favorite dessert. 

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