Two Victims

In Proverbs 1:11-19, the reader is advised to avoid robbing people blind.

Just last week, I heard that a band of petty thieves got into a gated community north of Atlanta and broke into several cars. What did they steal? Coins, CDs, and the like. But they left behind an expensive set of golf clubs.

It was probably kids.

We talked about peer pressure a few days ago. People, not just the young, will sometimes do risky things to fit into a social group. The focus is on acceptance, and that obsession blinds them to the destructiveness of activities like theft and destroying private property.

Being able to tell the difference requires maturity, patience, and an eye for the bigger picture. To do that, you have to know who you are in Christ. That’s the fear of the Lord that leads to wisdom.

When you take advantage of someone else, you harm them and yourself. Your heart will get hard. You will feel the need to cover up, justify your action, and bury your guilt. If you have some conscience, you’ll put rocks into your relationship with the person you offended. Then the guilt will lead you to avoid him, thereby preventing you from making amends.

You could avoid all that by learning to love others like Jesus loves you. If you ask Him with the heart of a student, your Teacher will appear. You’ll be better and so will the people around you.

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