Valentine’s Day is Coming and I’m Not Prepared

This is one of the most profitable weeks in the greeting card industry. Over $13 billion is spent on cards, roses, candy, clothing, and dining out.

That’s more than I plan to spend.
When you’re on a budget you have to be really creative. I’m off this week, so I could make her favorite dinner. If I do that, the gift would be the freedom to come home and not have to do anything but enjoy the meal … and my spectacular company.
Of course, eating out would be better.
I can make an electronic card for free and transfer it over the ether known as the Internet. She’d be surprised (unless she reads this) and probably delighted. It wouldn’t be all my own words, but it would be a nice thought.
Of course, a bought card you can hold and treasure would be nicer.
I could go to the field behind my house and see if there are any wildflowers that remind me of how beautiful she is. But there’s been a lot of rain this week, and the owners of the field just mowed not long ago. She probably wouldn’t be impressed with wet, limp flowers.
Of course, flowers cut and arranged by a professional would be much prettier.
The trouble with the endless stream of greeting card days is that it reminds us that we need to tell those we love just that … that we love them. Sometimes the mere words just don’t seem like enough. Other times they are all you have. It’s better to at least mouth the words with all the honesty you can muster than it is to take for granted your loved ones innately know that you love them.
If I could give my wife the world I would. But this year, all I can offer is creativity in the midst of pennies. It’s the widow’s mite that Jesus loved more than the rich man’s lofty pittance that cost him nothing. Love that comes out of sacrifice is a treasure, regardless of the size.
So do what you can. There’s still time as I write this. If I believed in the law of attraction, I could just think a fortune my way. But since that doesn’t work, I’ll settle for creativity.
Besides, it’s the personal touch that makes the greatest gifts.
Think on that. 
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