Want to Remember?

It’s been said that one of the reasons we feel bad about ourselves is that we can’t remember things. Usually the things we forget are people’s names, appointments, and promises we made to others.

You know, the important stuff.

Did you ever forget your anniversary?

Proverbs 3:1-2 gives us some useful things to remember. It’s the important stuff like how to navigate through life without creating a path of destruction bigger then the swipe of an F-5 tornado. It’s those principles that will let you have relationships with people that, while they are challenging, won’t cause you to lose your moral compass.

So how do we do that? How do we commit to memory the things that matter in life?

Today, I’m going to apply this to principles, but you may find it works with other things too.

First, use repetition to cement it into your mind. Maybe you could start and end your day reading a few maxims that relate to one area of your life. Do it for two weeks and you’ll see a change in how you think. This is true because during your day what you’ve put into your mind will invade your thoughts. And when it pops up, you will think about it, evaluate it, and generate more thoughts as a result of it.

People think a lot about feeding their stomachs. Go to any event where there are a lot of people and you will no doubt see some who not only think about eating but practice it often. Since we are more then physical beings, we need to watch what we feed our minds just as much as we should monitor our diets. Food can leave an aftertaste. So do our thoughts.

Second, when you are reviewing those principles of wisdom, think about ways you will apply them. Combine this with repetition and I guarantee you will remember a lot more.

Focus is important to memory. That is why I suggested that you concentrate for two weeks on one area of life. You can’t make a host of changes at one time and expect to succeed. Your brain, while complex and marvelous, can still only think on one thought at a time.

Third, add prayer to the mix. Frankly, this should be the first thing you do. It really won’t hurt if you pray first, middle, and last because if God isn’t in it with you, you’re laboring in vain. If change doesn’t make it to the dark places in your heart, all the memory in the world won’t help. Only Jesus can go that deep. So why don’t you ask Him? He not only reveals the bad stuff down there, He makes it irrelevant.

How does He do that?

He uses the truth of the Gospel to set you free. When Jesus brings redemption, it really is total. Nothing escapes the power of the blood He spilled. It covers what you’ve done and what’s been done to you, yesterday, today, and forever.

So you’re free.

Now don’t go and memorize like a Pharisee. Do it because God loves you and He really wants you to enjoy the life He’s given you. So go and make the most of it!

Then remember Who made it possible.

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