We’re Still Here

Well, the Mayans were wrong again.

December 22 is nearly over as I write this. The arrival of the apocalypse was about as thrilling as the opening of an umbrella.

Of course, that can be exciting on a windy, rainy day!

There was more reaction to the threat of the Millennium Bug. Some friends bought generators. Others may have drawn their money out of the bank, should a glitch have made it disappear.

Most of are probably laughing the doomsday prediction off like we would when a dirty, smelly stranger warns us that the sky is falling.

We think we have all the time in the world to live our lives. But really, we’re not guaranteed another minute, much less another breath. We just don’t know which gasp will be our last.

Suppose you received your own doomsday prediction. Your doctor tells you that you have inoperable cancer and if you’re lucky, you have six months left.

How would use the time you have left?

Would you fill your remaining days checking off your bucket list? Would you take every opportunity to hug your kids? Would you tell your spouse every day that you love him or her? Would you write that book that has been dormant inside you your whole life?

You could do any or all of those things. Or you could spend the rest of your life wasting away, whining about how unfair life is. You could regret the chances you didn’t take, the education you didn’t get, and the opportunities you missed.

The choice is yours.

Suppose you opted for living your life to the fullest. You might find you accomplished more in six months than you did in the previous six years.

The Mayans were wrong. We’re still here. But the truth underneath the prediction is that none of us knows when the end will come.

So why not live today as if tomorrow was the last day of your life?

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