What did you spend your time doing before you had the Internet?

As I write this, today is the 25 year anniversary of the World Wide Web. Today 25 years ago, ordinary people like you and me were invited to this virtual world of endless free information and connection.
Suppose you didn’t have Internet. Well, if you’re over 40, you’ve got some idea what life was like back in those dark ages. You knew what it was like not to have a flickering screen on your desk or in your pocket. 
Oh yeah, there was a flickering screen in your home – the TV.
Back then, we all read books or watched TV to pass the boring, empty hours. Or like me, maybe you did more art. But then the Internet came and stole our innocence. Or gave us something else to fill those long boring hours.
Now we have videos online. 
So maybe the world really isn’t that different after all.
We write letters but instead of using paper we use email. 
We have conversations but we text instead of call.
We show off to get attention but we do it on Facebook rather than in a classroom.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.  
How about you? How has your life changed since you got connected to the World Wide Web?
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