What Do You Need to Maintain Your Passion?

I’ve written a lot about passion lately.
Part of the reason is that I feel so much of it right now. I’m not talking about the fiery passion of the evangelical crusade. At least that’s not how it appears to observers. It’s more like that of a bull charging forward and no matter what stands in the way, the bull keeps plowing ahead. 
It’s like keeping a fire alive in your fireplace. Every so often, you have to check on it. Sometimes you have to poke around and rustle the ashes to keep it going. And if it goes out, it can take a lot of work to bring it back.
Is passion really like that though?
If you have a sincere and abiding passion for something, such radical maintenance isn’t necessary. You’ll keep going through the darkest tunnels. You’ll laugh off setbacks. And the question of whether to get up and try again is always, “Yes!”
If someone has to motivate you, then you’re more a wheelbarrow than a fire. Real passion will have its detractors in those less passionate. They’ll call you crazy for pressing on. They’ll wonder why in the universe you think what excites you is so powerfully important.
So check your passion. Does it meet that test? Is your zeal one that knows no bounds? If it is, go after it with all your heart. Share it. Use it to enrich others. 
Then you’ll find you’ve enriched yourself in a way that almost nothing else will. After all, isn’t this what you were made for?
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