What Fellowship Looks Like

We need each other.

Paul writes to the Romans in chapter 1:8-15 that he is thankful for his friends there, that he prays for them regularly, and wishes to see them again soon.

His writing also reflects a problem we all run into. We have great intentions of getting together with our friends but unless we make appointments to get together, the demands of life often step in the way and keep us from doing so.

What stops us is that our intentions don’t turn into action.

Okay, so if we do plan to get together then, what should we do when it happens?

Here are three things that Christians can do to maximize their relationships with one another.

First, pray for those you know and do it regularly. You can pray generally without talking with anyone, but wouldn’t it be more of a blessing to know what they want? Talk about how life is going. Is there a particular struggle you can lift up to God? Is someone they know hurting and needs help? Who knows? There might be something you can do to help. In this way, you can “pray with your legs”.

Another thing we can do is encourage one another in our walk. Life is hard. Sometimes other people have better ways of walking through issues than you do. Then again, you can serve others with what God has taught you, too. If someone needs hope, be there to share it. Later, when you need a boost, someone will return the favor.

The third thing we can do is rejoice together in the great things God has done for us. We all receive grace from the Lord in many ways. Having the chance to see how God is blessing your friends is a great way to open your eyes to the blessings in your own life that you so easily overlook.

If we as Christians will do these things regularly – pray for each other, encourage one another, and rejoice together over God’s bountiful grace in our lives – we will join with Paul and rejoice in the Lord always.

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